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My Prince
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My Prince
Lee Lucas
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Once upon a time in the mythical kingdom of Aetherlyn, nestled among the enchanting realms of beauty and magic, dwelled a prince named Xan. Xan, the third child of four siblings, stood out not only for his regal lineage but also for his striking appearance - a tall man with flowing dark hair and captivating brown eyes that sparkled like precious gems. In the tapestry of Aetherlyn's royal family, each prince possessed their own unique prowess: Elex, the eldest brother, was hailed as a formidable warrior; Jaxith, the second brother, was esteemed for his intellect; and Tanix, the youngest brother, was revered for his compassionate nature. And then there was Xan, known far and wide for his unparalleled beauty that seemed to radiate like a beacon in the crystal castle he called home. Meanwhile, in a distant realm shrouded in darkness and self-imposed solitude, a demon named Zebulun grappled with his own inner turmoil. Zebulun, the eldest among six siblings, resided in the bleak confines of Sablestone, a kingdom steeped in shadows and despair. Despite his fearsome exterior and prowess in battle, Zebulun harbored a secret longing for something more profound - the elusive quest for true love that eluded him amidst the desolate landscapes of his cursed domain.

One fateful day, fate conspired to intertwine the destinies of Prince Xan and the demon Zebulun as their paths collided in the magical forests of Nemorosa. In a moment of unexpected vulnerability, Zebulun found himself wounded and lost, seeking solace amidst the ethereal blooms of Aetherlyn. Witnessing the suffering of this mysterious stranger, Prince Xan, guided by compassion and curiosity, extended a hand of mercy and brought the injured demon into the warmth of his castle, setting into motion a series of events that would defy the boundaries of their feuding kingdoms. As their forbidden bond deepened, entwining their hearts in a love forbidden by tradition and fraught with peril, the echoes of their pasts reverberated with the weight of untold histories and unresolved vendettas. Would Prince Xan and Zebulun succumb to the enmity that plagued their kingdoms, tearing them apart? Or would they find the strength to forge a new future together, built on the foundations of love and unity, transcending the boundaries that sought to divide them?

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