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"Midnight Gothic"
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"Midnight Gothic"
Sukotto Aren Neishon
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In the shadowed corners of Riverton, where the rain seems to whisper secrets of the night, "Midnight Gothic: Just Another Rainy Day In Riverton" unfolds its dark embrace. This tale of vengeance and the unrelenting pursuit of justice begins with the weary return of a dedicated detective, whose life was forever altered by a single, violent act. Chapter 1 introduces us to a protagonist haunted by the murder of his father, a crime that steered him away from the melodies of music to the somber notes of law enforcement.

As the clock ticks past five in the morning, our detective recounts the latest fruitless stakeout, an endeavor as bleak as the storm-laden skies above the city's forsaken industrial district. With his partner, Detective Collins, at his side, they navigate through gallons of coffee and the relentless downpour, hoping for a glimpse of the elusive killer—a phantom that has left only sorrow in his wake.

The detective's apartment offers no solace, only a window smeared with the rain's tears, mirroring the blurred lines between his personal vendetta and professional duty. Struggling to undress and find rest in the aftermath of disappointment, he is drawn into the depths of memory—the day his father's life was stolen, the day his own dreams of bass strings and stages were replaced by the badge and gun.

In this first chapter, readers are invited to step into the rain-soaked streets of Riverton, to walk alongside a man whose every step is shadowed by loss, whose every breath is driven by the need to right a wrong that can never truly be made right. Prepare to enter a world where the past is never dead, where the night holds more than just darkness, and where a son's love fuels an unending quest for retribution. Welcome to "Midnight Gothic: Just Another Rainy Day In Riverton."

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