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From: Lost, To: The Universe
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From: Lost, To: The Universe
Andrew Knight
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This story is rated a very hard PG-13 for strong language and difficult themes involving substances, self harm, and mental illness

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! This novel is a work in progress and your comments, questions, and suggestions inspire change in real time! Plus, it encourages me to write faster when I know you're waiting on the next one!

“Damn, man, you need to settle yourself down.” The boy on my right frowns at me and shakes his head. “You shakin’ like a fuckin’ chihuahua over here and it’s stressin’ me out.” His long black hair is tucked behind his ears and tied back by an intricate yellow bandana. High cheekbones and dark skin reveal a native heritage--probably Navajo. He looks to be about as tall as I am and cuts an imposing figure amongst the other kids in the circle.

“Language, Jordan.” It seems like Rodriguez might be losing his grip on the group already. “Let’s get back on topic.”

“Depression.” The dark-skinned girl, Alexis, has a notepad of her own and seems to be taking a very detailed account of the session. “Elliot Bishop was just talking about his depression.”

“Please, we all have fuckin’ depression.” Jordan rolls his eyes and suddenly my throat tightens up and a stinging sensation inside threatens to well up in my eyes.

“Jesus Christ, give him a fucking break, Jordan! Remember your first day? Sorry, Jesus” Dark-haired girl waves up at the bloody portrait on the wall with an apologetic expression, before rounding on Jordan, who has his arms crossed into his leather vest, one clubby boot parked on the opposite knee as if daring me to challenge him. She suddenly gets to her feet and claps loudly to get everyone's attention, much to Rodriguez’s visible displeasure. “Everyone needs to chill out a little, okay? The first time in Group is hard enough without you guys getting all up in his shit. Sorry, Julian--language, I know.” She looks at each one of those gathered around the circle before her eyes land on me. “Well, at least you get an honest introduction to this madhouse.”

"From: Lost, To: The Universe" invites readers to embark on a cosmic odyssey through the intertwined destinies of Elliot Bishop and Quinn Langley. In the arid expanses of Sunview, a desert town nestled off the interstate, seventeen-year-old Elliot finds refuge in the boundless wonders of astronomy, a sanctuary from a horrific shadow that scars his past. Across the celestial tapestry, Quinn blazes her own trail, a rebel spirit tethered to the scars of her history. As they navigate the labyrinth of their shared vulnerabilities, their paths converge in the crucible of group therapy, where the constellations of their lives intersect. Through the echo of their struggles, Elliot and Quinn discover that while the universe offers infinite vistas, true liberation lies in confronting the gravitational pull of their own stories. Join them on a voyage of self-discovery, where the stars illuminate the way home.

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