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Overlap: The Other Side
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Overlap: The Other Side
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Everyone has a story to tell, made from the moments in the lives we share. Consequently, every person has their own perspective, their own subjective experiences, and thereby, their own subjective realities. Even if the exact same story is told by two people, the details from one will differ in the other.

Reed and Lumina share their lives together, but each of them came from different backgrounds; each of them went through their own unique experiences. Reed is a human being like everyone else on Earth. Lumina is an Altiri, like every one in Genosis. Both are aliens to their own world, and both have seen their own source of immense darkness in their time.

The other side of the same story might sound similar at a quick glance, but in the depths of every personal reality, very little is ever the same. Welcome to the far side of the universe, in a safe corner of the world you've probably heard nothing about. Welcome ~ to Genosis. Welcome ~ to The Other Side.

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