Being Maid is Different From What I Thought | Penana
Being Maid is Different From What I Thought
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Being Maid is Different From What I Thought
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When hear the word maid, what I know is a woman who dresses in black and white attire. Yet all of that was different when my family sent me to one of the royal family households. They didn't send me a dress like a maid I know. The job isn't like the maid I know where they work around the household; cleaning the room, or accommodating the family with what they need, however, I am stuck in the basement. Where my job isn't maid at all like in the book I read, what I was doing was remedying a herb or making a jam all day. Until I realised when I was in the servant quarter, there was a hierarchy among the maids which I started at the lowest one as Still Room Maid, and for the highest one is the Housekeeper.

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