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Aurora - Iris Paradox
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Aurora - Iris Paradox
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Aurora Harper had lived her childhood in the confines of a small room with parents who had mostly given up hope and relatives who knew nothing but scorn. Aurora Harper had found glory in her teenage, being celebrated as a gem of the theatre. A performer extraordinaire. She lived in a villa with parents who wanted to suck her dry off opportunities and relatives who knew nothing but bootlicking.

At twenty, in another housefull theatre of Harper Productions, she faces an ambiguous death and wakes up in the body of a scrawny five-year-old with no future or fortune in sight. Iris Bernadette.

To add fuel to destiny's arson that was her life, Iris also happens to a thief!

Given a blank canvas of a character with no background of the world or the people in it, how long can Aurora Harper ad-lib her way through life?

She finds herself caught up in a flurry of manipulative bets set forth by the young, fun loving and curious Ducal Prince, Arcel Maynard, and the suspicious mannerisms of a lurker of the shadows, Vasil.

There is a gorgeous Duchess and her stolen necklace. There is magic, a hunt for a soul and a Priestess. There are faeries, mermaids, ghosts, dragons and murders. There are schools, churches and strange new lands with treasures. There is adventure, romance and deceit. But there is no war.

There's also illiteracy and poverty  but that isn't life threatening for Aurora, yet.

Plummeted into a new world order with a constant existential crises in hand, will Aurora be able to save herself with only her dramatics to get her through?

Or will she fall in the web of this Aurora - Iris paradox and succumb to the whims of the people who want to control her?

Oh- also, she needs to earn a whole lot of money and get rich. Fast! By any means possible. Will you stay to see her get rich? For if you don't, she'll keep failing thoroughly. 

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Total Reading Time: 2 hours 9 minutes
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