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The Trash Duchess' Reign
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The Trash Duchess' Reign
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There are many games out in the world, but I liked this one single game, the game which took the gaming community like a storm, everyone talked about it and everyone wanted to play it.

I was no different, I was just a girl who loved games, and yet somehow after two long years of playing the game, I ended up inside the game as a villainous extra with not a single line in the game's progression!  

But that does not mean I am going to die like in the original! 
The golden light enveloped everything as the red sun slowly rose. A woman stood amidst a battlefield painted red with the blood of many fallen soldiers and wizards. Her long black hair, which looked like a void, cascaded around her in the morning breeze, which carried the pungently sweet scent of death.

Her clear blue eyes, which resembled the deep and vast ocean, stared directly at the blonde man in shining armor. 
Her arms loosely hung as her posture stooped, she waved her two short, intricately designed black daggers dripping with blood at the man taunting him. 

The blonde-haired, handsome man stared at her with his determined blue eyes as he pointed his big and glimmering sword at her. 

The woman's stone-cold face slowly turned to a malicious sneer as she licked the blood in her daggers right before charging at the man. 


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