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Red Sparrow
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Red Sparrow
Clone Wars Geek
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Everyone calls me reckless, brave, strong, tough, dumb. My nickname is the Bulldozer. I’m the new leader of a new clone Legion. I’m efficient, fast. I’m respected, but people aren’t afraid to disagree. The legion is named The red Sparrow. Our insignia is a sparrow covered in blood. We’re the best of the best. I’m a Marshal Commander. Our armor is Red and black. Our helmet is half black, half red. In my legion, I have 9,216 troopers I have no general. My methods are reckless, but I don’t lose that many men. I lead from the front. I’m always on the main attack. Anyways, on my most recent mission, I was working with the 501st. We had to attack an enemy base. Really well guarded. Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress there. I bet your wondering why they wanted me AND the 501st to work together, the reason is because the Jedi council believes the leader of the separatists is there, supposedly to have a look at the new droid Dooku is suggesting. I got called in. After I entered, I asked “Yes?” Windu stood up and said “You have to attack a highly guarded, highly protected separatist base, with Dooku and Ventress there as well.” As Windu sat down Yoda said “Bulldozer, must work with the 501st.” I then said “Why? I can handle this on my own.” Yoda said “No. Believe the leader of the separatists is meeting there, we do.”I sighed. “UGH. FINE.” Fast forward to now. There’s a hill just out of view of any droids. So we set up camp on the hill, and me, General Skywalker, Commander Tano, and Captain Rex met there. Anakin started the conversation. “We should set up some cover down by the enemy base. That way we’ll have cover set up before the battle-“ I interrupted “We could place some snipers behind the first 3 covers that we place.” Rex disagreed. “That’s risky. What if they attack just as we or while we’re placing  and moving the cover and snipers? Plus our position will be blown, and we’ll have an extreme tactical disadvantage. Ahsoka said “I agree with Rex. Also, I’ve never heard or seen you before. Who are you?” Rex answered for me. “He’s the Marshal commander of a new elite special ops legion.” Anakin said “I like your armor.” I said “If we don’t already have soldiers down there and a patrol ends up coming by what’ll we do? Our cover will be blown anyway.” I then placed down a whole plan I had printed out perfectly on a blueprint. I then explained my plan. “If we do a three way attack we can have commander Tano and Captain Rex attack from the left as a bit of a distraction, they can go with ARC trooper fives and a few of my troopers. There’s lots of cover so the captain and commander’s troopers with them won’t be exposed and decimated. Once the captain gives me the signal, me and my forces will attack from the front.” Then Anakin asked “What about the third squad?” I then answered “It’ll contain you, ARC trooper Echo, one of my medics, and a few of your and my troopers. I believe that there’s some prisoners they’ll be interrogating. Your squads job is to get them out and, if you can, eliminate any soldiers covertly without getting caught. Anyone got any questions?” I asked. Ahsoka raised her hand. “How will you get me Rex, Fives, and the others to the left un-noticed?” I answered “There’s a small hill I can have you guys go behind. I’ll tell you guys over comms when to cause a disturbance.” Anakin said “I like your style.” Rex said “General, can I speak with you privately for a second?” Then, I saw Rex pull Anakin aside. I wasn’t surprised. Everyone I’ve ever worked with, they’re General, commander, whatever. This has happened every time I’ve had to work with a legion or squad or whatever. After they got back, we got everyone into position. Over comms, I said “Ahsoka, once I get to three.” Over comms, Ahsoka answered “Ok.” I then sent Anakin and the others on the left. Over comms, I said “1! 2! 3!” I saw Ahsoka give me the signal a few minutes later. “Everyone! CHARGE!” I then ran down the hill, shooting and everyone did the same. I saw Anakin and his squad sneak in unnoticed. So now we just had to go join Ahsoka and the Captain in the battle. But, Count Dooku ran out and started killing off lots of my men. “Everyone! Split! Split!” We then split into groups of two or three and we lost less men less quickly, but we were still losing men. Once I got over to Commander Tano and Captain Rex, I started speaking while shooting. “Everyone okay?!” “Yes!” Ahsoka yelled. “A shot bounced off my shoulder pauldron! But other then that, I’m fine!” Ahsoka spotted Asajj Ventress exit the base and start chopping down troopers left and right, and groaned. “UH OH!” Rex looked over his shoulder and saw Ventress, and frown. I got up, and charges at the sith Ventress. I punched her cheek and flipped her over me. I tried to stomp on her throat, but she force pushed me away and started to force choke me, I saw a few of my clones shooting at her, so she had to focus on them, so she force threw me into a big rock. My back hurt a little, but that’s as it. I took a grenade from my belt, and lobbed it at her. “Look out!” I yelled at my men that were still shooting at her. They dived out of the way, and she jumped up to dodge it. I then charged at her and tackled her. I pinned her on the ground, when I felt a really sharp pain in my back. I looked behind myself to see Dooku using his force lightning. I suddenly fell onto my back, and I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t speak. I heard a lot of yelling, droid poppers and frags, blaster bolts and punches, kicks, I heard the sound of battle. But I couldn’t move on my own. It felt like he’s been doing it for hours. When I finally felt no more pain in my body, I could hear voices. At first, I just heard clones. Then I heard Commander Tano and Captain Rex. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw General Skywalker, Captain Rex, Commander Ahsoka Tano, and a medic from the 501st. Kix. I had my helmet on so they didn’t know I was awake. I couldn’t move. Everything was numb. I could move my mouth and my eyes. That was it. I groaned in excruciating pain. “Are you okay?” Asked General Skywalker. “No. I can’t feel…anything.” “You should be dead right now.” Said Kix. “How ARE you alive?” “I dunno.” I responded. How was I alive? I was being electrocuted by sith force lightning. “Damn. I don’t know if your brave, or smart. Or dumb or reckless.” I was still lying there on the ground. I had to be Carried onto a gunship by a few men.

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