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Reavers Volume One: The Nest Of Despair
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Reavers Volume One: The Nest Of Despair
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Collects chapters #1-#6 of the "Reavers" series - "The Nest Of Despair" arc.

George Marsh is an ordinary English boy from the 22nd Century until, at St Benedict's Hospital in Marsheton, he meets a mysterious stranger: Hugh Fisher. George is soon thrust into a world of magic and darkness - the world of the reavers. Blessed/cursed with the mysterious "Powers of the Ov'l", he must do battle with nefarious hexes and other beings of malicious desires, fighting alongside the mysterious reavers to protect the world he loves...

THE NEST OF DESPAIR: After meeting the mysterious Hugh Fisher, George learns that he has the Powers of the Ov'l. He has a great swathe of psychic abilities - perfectly suited to help Hugh in his current mission: to infiltrate a dream-eaters' lair. Meanwhile, Hugh has conflicting feelings about George's Ov'l powers and whether George should be allowed to hold them.

If you enjoy this, be sure to check out the Reavers subreddit for updates, promos, contests, and more! Join here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReaversStoryUniverse/s/TOOHagroVJ

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