Nine Lunar Cycles of A Youth's Tireless Toil Ends | Penana
Nine Lunar Cycles of A Youth's Tireless Toil Ends
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Nine Lunar Cycles of A Youth's Tireless Toil Ends
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In an abode of industry, a youthful figure diligently plied the keys of an apparatus, casting intermittent glances at the chronometer then redirecting his gaze to the illuminated screen, resolutely continuing his labor. For an extended span, he had inhabited this domain. When the cloak of night descended at the ninth hour, the young man retraced his steps homeward to a modest dwelling, observing it pensively, murmuring softly, "At last, the cessation of labor. Time hath traversed significantly—approximately nine lunar cycles, if my calculation holds true."

In the sanctum of industry, a young soul diligently plied the levers of a contraption, stealing fleeting glances at the timepiece before fixing his gaze upon the luminous screen, steadfast in his duties. For an enduring span, he inhabited this realm. As the cloak of night fell upon the ninth hour, the young man retraced his path homeward, towards a modest dwelling, contemplating it gravely, murmuring softly, "At length, respite from toil. Time has journeyed notably—nearly nine lunar cycles, if my estimation holds true."

Surveying his surroundings, he acknowledged this domain yet remained unaware of its precise nature. Nine lunar cycles had passed, yet the fate of his kin—parents and a younger sibling—remained shrouded beyond the distant horizon. Mio lamented, "Ah, might a return to them be within my grasp?"

During these cycles, sporadic were his ventures into the sacred confines of the system's training ground, seeking enhancement for his physical form. Despite the ordeals, Mio did not shun these physical trials.

Glancing at the calendar, he pondered, "On the morrow, the seventh day dawns, offering reprieve. A fitting time to revisit the training grounds anon. Therein lies the quest to fathom the realm of this Kamen Rider."

Fatigue weighed upon him, and he succumbed to slumber upon the bedstead. At dawn, Mio awoke invigorated, hastening through his preparations, nourishing himself, and setting forth towards the training ground.

After sixty intervals, he emerged, bearing bruises upon his physical frame, his stride faltering. Providentially, the system's healing enchantment swiftly mended him. The vestiges of injury vanished, and Mio continued upon his path.

Gazing upon the vast expanse, he contemplated deeply, "Which realm does this encompass? Shall unveiling accompany the pursuit of this quest?"

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