Not Your Ordinary War - Legend of the Crimson Queen and the Dark Knight | Penana
Not Your Ordinary War - Legend of the Crimson Queen and the Dark Knight
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Not Your Ordinary War - Legend of the Crimson Queen and the Dark Knight
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*The year was 2050.*

When Alyn Winters was just five years old, the ominous shadow of war loomed over the world. It marked the onset of the Third World War, an event that the United Nations had desperately tried to prevent but couldn't. Nearly the entire globe became embroiled in the conflict. The West found itself in fierce battles with Russia (and the remnants of Ukraine), China asserted its control over Taiwan, Palestine vanished from the geopolitical map, and India relinquished its northern territories to both Pakistan and China. North Korea stood as the sole Korea, and the once-unified NATO had dissolved.

At that pivotal moment, Alyn and her family were in France, and she, being the second-born, was merely a five-year-old navigating a world thrust into chaos. Tragically, she lost her entire family in a bombing orchestrated by Korea, targeting the entirety of the EU. Alyn, along with her elder brother who was fortunately at school during their parents' demise, became part of the unfortunate civilian casualties.

Similarly, Ryan Philips, the grandson of Leah Philips and a close friend of Alyn's grandfather, Ashton Winters, shared a parallel fate. Alyn and Ryan had been good friends until the age of five and six, respectively. The bombing claimed both of their families, leaving them orphaned. However, their paths diverged afterward – Ryan found a new home with his aunt in London, while Alyn sought solace with her grandparents in Paris. The two childhood friends, united by tragedy, unknowingly embarked on separate journeys, never crossing paths again.

*Present year - 2071*

**Author's Note:** 
*Welcome to the unfolding narrative! Please immerse yourself in the story and the intricate lives of our protagonists. It's essential to note that the given backdrop is inspired by real-world problems, and the events depicted herein are speculative and not intended to mirror reality. And, just so you know, the UN is very competent!*

Edit: 9/12 - Potential starlet?!?! Damn, is is that good?!

*Enjoy the journey!*
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