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Ivy Oren: Eternal Faithful
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Ivy Oren: Eternal Faithful
Decker Immanuel
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(A bit of background, this story has been one that I have been working on and updating since I got my first laptop in 2016. I have finally settled on what it was supposed to be and was actually working on getting this published but school stopped me when I got to busy. I have 28 chapters of this story finished and am gonna be uploading about five chapters a week till we catch up. Hope you enjoy it) 

Ivy Oren is a lot of things, some would call her the heir to a throne she doesn't want, some would call her a prodigy, and some would claim she is a liar, a brat, an evil serpent. However, to Ivy, she doesn't know who she truly is or what she truly wants to be. She never imagined that one mission would send her down a rabbit hole, and  into a faith she was told to hate. Born to the snake charmers of the jepei world, Ivy is sent on her first true mission from home, to kill a young girl named Ori Oikawa, who has made an enemy of a brillant woman who lives in the city that never sleeps. During this mission, she lets someone into her heart, a man that she begins to call Immanuel, a man that seems to know more about her than even she knows about herself.

Ivy is a prodigy, a genius fighter, but how can she win against a girl who doesn't seem that bad, that wants her help, and who serves a God that has never lost a battle, that has never lost a fight, whose warriors have never lost when his hand is on their life?

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Total Reading Time: 5 hours 37 minutes
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