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The Souls We Choose To Be
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The Souls We Choose To Be
Thaiger Pierce
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Judas was a self-righteous Christian through most of school, but he's looking to turn a new leaf with his senior year of high school. He has many nicknames among his fellow students.  From "Crazy" to "Freak" to "Schizo". But the one that he hears the most is, "Jesus Freak". You couldn't blame Judas because he claimed he could see and hear Jesus Christ, The Son of God. However, no one else could see or hear Jesus. Judas wants to put that all behind him and move on with his senior year. But some people aren't so willing to forget. 

Enter Delilah Lor, a new girl who just moved to Hawkins. Her appearance is unexpected but welcome in Judas' eyes. And when Delilah starts expressing interest in Judas, he tries to appear like any other man. But he soon discovers that's going to be a challenge.

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