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Sigma Yaty
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   From the conspiracy of VAMPIRE GODS of an ATEMPORAL REALM and the struggle amongst CELESTIAL BEINGS for WINDS, CENTURIES, MOONS and EPOCHS. A grand game of GODLY REALMS who's very existence becomes a threat to the existence of the WEAKER DOMAINS, all in the name of dominating the HEDRONS, but how had all this chaos began ? The answer was quite simple, it was after the fall of the GRAND VAMPIRE LORD - SECREGARD. It was after the fall of SECREGARD, that the THREE BALANCES seized control over the rulership of the SEVEN CADRES OF GODS, it was then that an INFINITE WAR between gods began over those who shall have control over TIME. But, of what use was time in the REALM OF GODS ? Why would the CADRES OF GODS fall into an endless battle over what they didn't need in the first place ? The answer was beyond their expectations, especially to the THREE BALANCES.

    After the fall of SECREGARD, their EXISTENCE AS GODS became threatened with the second coming of the GRAND VAMPIRE LORD and the only thing which could stop his return was the conquest of TIME - the goal was simple, CONQUER TIME. But, was this all a twisted irony, a sarcasm mocking the CADRES OF GODS, a riddle left behind by the EVER SHREWD VAMPIRE LORD. This GAME OF GODS, was it a game that would end with A WINNER ? Or, were all BOUND TO LOSE - because, the game wasn't designed to have a victor, all were BOUND TO BE DESTROYED. 

   From the five Books of DUKE FANG - THE VAMPIRE GOD ATEMPORAL, the dying core of SECREGARD finds itself residing in the heart of a vampire, one considered a waste in a family bred of the mighty. Down to the last CADRE OF GODS, the weakest of all - the beings of the dark thrive; vampires, warewolves, mummies, minotaurs, gargoyles ... Dark beings whose existence itself depends on this darkness, a realm where there was never day, a terror of the arcane. All these horrors faded before the eyes of Balkyre Fang once the core of the VAMPIRE LORD, SECREGARD awakened within his soul, transforming an ordinary vampire into  a CELESTIAL BEING, a being that would bring the downfall of the CADRES OF GODS. To Balkyre Fang, TIME HAD BECOME AN ILLUSION, one that he could conquer and crush as he pleased. Mad with the will to drive the  IMMORTALS INSANE in their BATTLE FOR TIME, hungering to send the RANKS OF THE HEAVENS CRASHING, from the GARMENTS to GODSLAND, all were going to feel the wrath of the GRAND VAMPIRE LORD'S RETURN. 

   There  WAS NO SENSE OF JUSTICE, there WAS NO ORDER, there WAS NO DECREE that would stand in the way of this mad vampire. All those who had become arrogant over their PETTY VICTORIES shall feel the might of HIS SECOND COMING. This time, it wasn't the RISE OF SECREGARD, THE GRAND VAMPIRE LORD, but, the birth of a  NEW CELESTIAL BEING : DUKE FANG - THE REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE GOD ATEMPORAL.

   What would you have done if YOU COULD MAKE TIME AN ILLUSION ? a phenomenon that could make even the GODS SHIVER. Then, MAKE THEM SHIVER.

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