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New Galaxia
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New Galaxia
Sir Maditon
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The Borealis Lineage.

Creators, yet absent in more ways than one. Powerful beyond whatever could be imagined, with all in the palms of their hands.

Hezago wields this power, and the absency too. Both parents dead (as the Borealis Lineage goes), he is invited to Vonellia, on top of managing Borealia and his... other kingdoms.

Accepting the proposal, Hezago discovers that, although Vonellia is a fine school In itself, Existance, every single bit of it, was going to collapse in on itself, with Vonellia being the last thing to go.

This, among far more pressing matters, constitute the chaof that is Hezago's life and how he deals with it, up and past the point of the founding of New Galaxia.

Hopefully he can get his shit together.

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Total Reading Time: 2 hours 36 minutes
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