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Freeing Anvi
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Freeing Anvi
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Anvi's used to being a nobody. The runt. The broken one. The submissive. Since her parents died in a fire, she's been Alpha Banastre's slave, enduring his daily beatings and chores at the cost of having a home to stay in and a crust of bread to eat at night. Anvi's only shining beacon of light is Alpha Banastre's wife, Luna Hailey, who has shown her nothing but kindness but can do very little to control her husband. It's grim, but to Anvi, her life seems to be over...

When Anvi is brought along by her Luna to be her companion during the Alpha meetings, she is introduced to Alpha King Jackson Gage, leader of all the werewolves, and Anvi's mate. Although initially unsure, Anvi quickly warms up to Jackson, who spoils her with a sense of love and affection that she hasn't felt in years.

But Anvi's new life comes at a cost. Now mentally unstable and reduced to a status equal to that of a Rogue, ex-Alpha Banastre is out for revenge. Because of Anvi, he's not only lost his pack and title but also his wife and family. Lives are lost and as the new Luna Queen, it's Anvi's job to help protect her pack. But how can she protect them when she can't even protect herself? And how is it that Banastre keeps getting into the pack?

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Total Reading Time: 8 hours 27 minutes
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