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Queen of Ash and Stone
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Queen of Ash and Stone
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Coming Soon: Queen of Ash and Stone will be published on Amazon.com

In the medieval city of Evermore, 15-year-old Princess Elodie Ashking's world shatters with the assassination of her parents, thrusting her, unprepared, into the role of Queen. She grapples with grief, haunted by memories of her departed mother and relying on the support of her trusted Prime Advisor, Bishop Callex. Follow Elodie's journey of impulsive decisions that will shape not only her future, but the future of her entire kingdom.

I had the idea for this story many years ago, it all began with an OC I used for casual roleplaying. Then the story for this character remained kicking around in my head for many, many years and underwent a lot of changes and adjustments before reaching its current state. In the beginning I had a lot of trouble writing this story. I took a lot of inspiration from different kinds of books, but the one book that finally helped me actually get anything written was The Chronicles of Narnia.

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