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Finding Love with a Lasso
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Finding Love with a Lasso
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It will include swearing, death, blood, and other gruesome topics

This will be a fan made story of "Shavs Media Productions; Ask King Dice" series. It will be between Chips Bettigan x Y/N (Briley Prince). For this series, I'll be doing a 3rd POV of each of the main five of this story, some will be more than others, and some will appear later on in the story.

The Cuphead and Mugman franchise has been one of my favorites for a long time ever since I found out about the small Netflix series the owner have made. 

I love each of the characters equally and gave me an idea to included all of them (plus Miss Prince) into a story. 

Again, I do not own the four lost boys from Shavs and also the canon characters from both the game and the show.

You guys can also ask questions to help go through the story!!

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