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He Who Laughs Last
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He Who Laughs Last
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Allow me to introduce you to the multiverse theory, if you are unfamiliar with it. According to this theory, whenever the universe, or whatever the driving force behind it is, has a 'decision', it 'chooses' both. A universe is created in which you wear a red shirt today, as well as one where you wear a blue shirt, as well as one where you wear no shirt and get fired. This means that there are universes where what, here, are stories, movies, and comic books, are fact. The universes form an infinite tree, with infinite choices, all leading back to the first, paradoxical choice, whether the universe exists or not. But that's a story for another time. This story takes place in a universe almost exactly like ours, but angled a little towards the comics branch. A universe where Barry Allen locked up a little early, where the Kryptonian ship was slightly off with its calculations, where Hal Jordan never got to meet Abin Sur, and where Themyscira remained undiscovered. A world devoid of superheroes. Some things remain constant, however. This story begins with one man's madness.

*I do not own any of the characters in this story. I only own the storyline itself, and do not claim any character in this story as my own work*

Special thanks to my good friend, Priest, without whom the cover art would look like absolute garbage.

You can also find this story on Wattpad.

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