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Project Exodus: The Hunt For the Tower Of Babel
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Project Exodus: The Hunt For the Tower Of Babel
Decker Immanuel
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The people of Tarun Island are peaceful, the island is a safe haven for adults and children born with the gift of jepei. An energy that is drawn from nature, an energy that lets them create and communicate their animal spirit. Jepei users have spanned throughout history, have caused events, and lived through things that many would find fake. One thing is kept from their people, a group that travels across the world and finds information that has gone missing. Scrolls older than the first people, relics that have sunk deep into the sea. Treasure that is worth a fortune. Answers to question that could change the way the world is looked at, truths about gods and goddesses that could destroy religions. The last group has finally retired and it is time for a new team to begin it's journey. A new team of six students each with a unique gift. 







These six students have been brought together to be the 15th generation of Tarun's project to gather information. They are known as Project EXODUS. And their first protect? Find what happened to The Tower of Babel and the relic and creature that was used to shatter that attempt to reach God's Glory. Six students, each with different issues, one that can only be faced together, not as a team, or friends, but as one family. However, what can you do when one simple journey to find information leads you into darkness so black that you can barely see? 

Fight as one. 

(This is the 2nd story that I will be posting every two weeks, along side with my first story Chasing My Mother's Sins. So please check that one out as well.Will be getting another cover made soon as well.) 

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