The Miserably Macabre Tales of Luna Samuels | Penana
The Miserably Macabre Tales of Luna Samuels
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The Miserably Macabre Tales of Luna Samuels
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*There are no perfect people in this story; no villains, no perfect protagonists and no fairytale romance. There is, however, realistic examples of neurodivergence, discovering yourself, LGBTQIA characters and nuanced depictions of mental health problems, self harm, religious and generational trauma.*

"My name is Faith Elizabeth Samuels. Well, it used to be, before I left my fundamentalist helicopter parents and started going by Luna...
 My counselor tells me writing will help me to 'heal'. Somehow, writing my feelings of depression, anxiety, self harm and suicidal thoughts will negate a lifetime of 'bad feelings' about my self image, mental health and general well-being. Sounds legit. So, fair reader, does my little tale of woe intrigue you? If so, come join my merry band of misfits on this roller coaster of life."

A -sometimes- uplifting story about growing up and overcoming life's challenges. Laugh, cry and smile with our cynical author as she tries to traverse the scary life of after high school while battling her inner demons and conquering the ever-terrifying world of adulting.

Rated Mature (13+) For themes of self-harm, depression, anxiety and some sexuality.

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Total Reading Time: 4 hours 39 minutes
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