Star Wars Episode IX: The Descendant of Evil (Novella #1) | Penana
Star Wars Episode IX: The Descendant of Evil (Novella #1)
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Star Wars Episode IX: The Descendant of Evil (Novella #1)
Viktoria Fyodorova
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After the Beacerika injures her, Rey battles with the Light and Dark sides of the Force while it takes her on a journey like none other-though supernovas and wormholes-right back to Ben Solo.


Rey remembers the day she and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo fought the Praetorian guards perfectly. Nevertheless, since the battle, something's changed inside her. She is not the Rey she remembers. Her Force abilities are no longer a gift; they are a threat. Everybody, including Rey's friends, fears her power.

She must sacrifice everything she loves and give herself to the conflicted Supreme Leader to change her fate. Nonetheless, something is hiding in the ashes of the galaxy-the Descendant of Evil. Now it is up to Rey and Ben to stop this growing threat.

As the galaxy crumbles, Rey will face danger like she has never faced before, including a wormhole, a supernova, and a Force-sensitive monster who swears allegiance to her. As she moves closer and closer to her supernova, her friends will try to save her. However, at the end of the day, Rey and Kylo Ren are the only ones who can change the fate of the galaxy. They are the only ones who can take the name, "The Rise of Skywalker".


2nd Draft

*Start Date: July 2018*

*End Date: June 2022*

Word Count: 30,000-35,000

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Total Reading Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
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