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The Witness for the Walls
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The Witness for the Walls
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"If walls could talk"

A common expression used to speculate what had happened behind closed doors, what was whispered in secret, and done in dark alleys.  People were curious by nature, and speculation has always been a popular past time, no matter how much many may deny it.  People may fear the unknown, but they also adore it. They are both fascinated and frustrated with the art of grasping at loose threads. Thinking about what had transpired in those places beyond your eye was often quite vexing. But despite all this, it was a foolish speculation. Mayonaka Hirawa knew this. She knew not everything happened behind closed doors and dark alleys.  She knew some of the most heinous things were committed in broad daylight. The greed of men was seen by all and yet many chose to remain ignorant. But Mayonaka would not.  Could not. For the voices in her ear said so.

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