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Crosswalk: Ultimate Duels
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Crosswalk: Ultimate Duels
Markus Flavius
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In a normal society, routine is essential.  Not everyone is a competent surgeon that faces terrific, yet exciting cases every day. If you look around, there are only so many people that are detectives, solving murder mysteries and such. The exciting jobs, the joy of life, is reserved for others, not for me.
Those are some of the things that a young businessman called Christian is thinking of everyday after work.

As he steps into the world of the adults, he has to face with the hardships of what it means to become self reliant. Grueling, long hours of work, unsteady schedule and an annoying boss, make it rough for Christian to have any control or excitement in his life.

As he couldn't start any hobbies, due to his work, and couldn't even get a girlfriend to spend time with, he had to rely on the most basic sanity check a human can have: routine. His routine is as simple and basic as he is. Everyday, instead of taking the shorter road to work, he takes a road which leads to a busy crosswalk in the middle of the city.

But, things start to change in his daily routine. News of murders happening on crosswalks appear all over. People become scared of traversing them at night. Christian's routine is thus disrupted. Until one fateful night, as his crosswalk is marked off as a crime scene. He crosses it. He wanted to feel it once more. His sense of control, his beloved crosswalk. As he does...another figure appears on the other end.

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Total Reading Time: 3 hours 26 minutes
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