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Into the obscure: Ambiguity
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Into the obscure: Ambiguity
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Our world is full of secrets. Secrets that not a lot of people know about. Secrets that better stay hidden from the masses… 

A highly organised terrorist group has gained in power for years. Infiltrating large companies, rebel groups, even governments… Eliminating this threat is the primary target of the top-secret, international organisation, the World Security Coalition. A new type of shadow warfare has commenced…

Dawn joined the organisation only several months ago, but already proved to be one of the most competent operators the WSC ever had. She is part of ‘the younger generation’, an initiative to recruit young-adults as new agents.

But defeating this new threat won’t be her sole struggle. Struggling social skills, teammates, and a recruit to work with, a feeling of guilt towards the only teammate that neared the term ‘friend’ and constant lying to her ‘normal life’ friends, one is even getting suspicious…

Is she physically impregnable enough to absorb all the pain of her wounds? Is she mentally strong enough to carry on this ambiguous life? Will she, get through this, or will she, only look through the pain?

At what cost will this all end?

(Sidenote: this story contains many genres and not one is disproportionately dominant over the others.) 

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Total Reading Time: 4 hours 16 minutes
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