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Happy and sad moments in my life (AI translate version)
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Happy and sad moments in my life (AI translate version)
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“Happy and sad moments in my life”

Since I was young, I've pondered the meaning of life and the issue of death, or maybe I'm just a more pessimistic person! I always feel like I was born in the wrong era; if I had lived in the 1970s, I could have lived a peaceful life, but now, even if I work hard, it's difficult to have a normal life.

I never thought I would get this illness. Life always has unpredictable things happen, and it's because of this that I can appreciate the meaning of life.

I used to be very sad and upset, wondering why it had to be me. I blamed myself all day long and hated my own life, but later on, I understood the meaning of the illness. It allowed me to re-examine my life, repair my relationship with my family, and adapt to everything around me.

There are many misunderstandings about this illness in society, so I want to write this book to share my personal experience with more people.

I want to share everything I know about caring for patients, interacting with them, and facing society's gaze.

I used to feel depressed, but now, I feel that it's really great to be able to live in this world. I hope that through this small sharing, I can inspire everyone to seek a little happiness.

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