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The Idol's Arrange marriage
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The Idol's Arrange marriage
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Priya Shah is an Indian neurologist who is working in Seoul. She struggled a lot in her life and didn't have a good past. She is full of secrets and is married to a celebrity, which is also a little secret of her, Kim SeoJoon, a leader of one of the world-famous K-pop bands. 

A handsome and successful singer, Kim SeoJoon dated many Korean beauties. But his parents convinced him to get married to Priya whom he barely knew before. He got married to her for his family's happiness, but his thoughts were different about her. 

She is a pure, silent, and kind-hearted girl but He is cold and arrogant and hates Priya because of his past experiences with his love life.  What will happen when their entirely different world collides? Will he be able to find out the secrets of Priya? Will these two completely distinct personalities find their happily ever after with each other?


I leaned to her level, but she squeezed her eyes. I came close to her face, "Let me see your black eyes, Priya." I moved my lips over her cheek. She slowly fluttered open her eyes. She tried to duck her face, but unconsciously I grasp her chin and moved her face up. Our eyes were locked on each other. I was trying to find something for myself in her eyes.
I didn't know what to say, but still, I murmured against her cheek, "You look innocent," and then planted a soft kiss on the spot near the jawline. "But you're not. Are you?” She shivered with my touch and puffed out a little breath. She was trying to resist me, but her body was reacting to my touch.


Let's join the rollercoaster of a sweet love story of two people who are different but made for each other. Readers please follow me for updates and show your love and share your thoughts.

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