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Die Twice
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Die Twice
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According to her late grandfather's will, Rhea was to inherit his mansion. She was to live alone in an unfamiliar land. She had always lived with her grandma, two villages from her grandfather, but now that her grandmother had asked her to earn money and stay in what was now her house, she came to Haion. Will this new change be a memory she will run to or something she has to run from?

Die Twice is a short story that narrates the changes Rhea Galanis goes through in her life when she grows and makes her decisions.

Anyone immune to slight mentions of violence, rich brats, marriages, rude people, thugs who break the walls of your home, starving, only one inseparable bond, death, tons of advice, nightmares, a good king, a good heart and a happy ending can read this story.

If you are reading this story, then welcome! Tell me your opinions cuz I would love to hear them. I hope you have a good time!

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