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Threads Of Fate
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On a young planet named Zanthora in the year 3000 human augmentation has been commercialized, humans are living longer and because of it the shape of society has changed, morality has slipped when there's virtually nothing in this world that can kill you, except for other people.

A specialized group made for assassinations rises when death now becomes a commodity. Come follow the story of a young assassin on their way to the number one spot while changing the course of society itself.


"Clever Red, I'll give you that." Delta scoops up the tiny reaper into his arms and starts down the sidewalk away from the sirens and automated fire prevention drones. The rain fell and clutched to Red's cloak rolling down and off the fabric to the ground or through Delta as he walked.

"Delta?" He looked down at the sound of his name to show that his attention was given.

"Why can AI touch me?" Delta's grip tightened slightly at the question.

"I'm not sure Red, maybe..." He paused briefly to look up at the heavily clouded sky.

"Maybe it isn't so much AI can touch you Red, more..." Looking down the indicator for his partners' vital signs read unconscious, he smiled and kept pace in the rain changing his appearance to seem wet as he carried Zeto back to the safe house.

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