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S Line
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"They pray to die."

Blood and brutality.

Pre-story recap: Centuries ago, an explosion took place and a different time began to be experienced than the real time. Time has been affected, and this different time has become different from the real time we know. Why has a different time begun to take place and what is going on at this time?

Information to know before reading: When you read it, the first chapters may seem boring compared to mature peers. The goal here is to make a path from boring to excitement. Each section that progresses gradually pushes from boring to excitement. Underneath every word you read in the chapter are different things. The theme of blood and brutality is dealt with later and increases in seriousness in the following chapters. Please read comfortably while reading, leaning yourself back. I am open to criticism and comments. Thank you for reading or going to read. Don't forget to support it!

What is the main purpose of the Story?: Reflecting on the 'What If' event to readers.

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Total Reading Time: 26 minutes
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