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[ENG] Brave Tale : Peacebringer
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[ENG] Brave Tale : Peacebringer
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Title : Brave Tale : Peacebringer

Etherealm Series Novels

The second etherealm, Yregalia, is what the man with the uncle's face really wants. Moritz, who is a retired veteran of the constellation war as well as the ace of the expedition team - dimensional exploration, is now allowed to lie down looking for peace.

On the planet Equinox, Yregalia, second etherealm, during his three years living in a two-story wooden house near Vaughtort Forest, Moritz was at peace and enjoying his retirement greatly.

Farming, greeting Vaughtort Villagers, fishing, or just strolling around to play with village kids, little beastrians.


In those three years, of course there were some minor incidents. Less depressing Moritz, but recurring events and oddities make Vaughtort Forest more wary. Grizzly wolves and Shell dogs, which should be found more in the Pirn Forest, were seen prowling the Vaughtort Forest and trying to prey on the villagers.

Moritz was allowed to put up his crutches now.

-------------------- ETHEREALM-------------------

The fantasy world that(public mind) real. A world that has unlimited possibilities, is beautiful and unique like heaven or cruel without mercy. Life that can turn on or even turn off life itself.

Only people who have clumsiness, difficulty accepting life, and regrets, are chosen to live in that world. Become an ancient hero prophesied by unique races or fall into the etherealm of a nightmare full of despair.

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