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The Hunter's Soul (Dark Sun Prequel)
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The Hunter's Soul (Dark Sun Prequel)
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The Hunt Begins
When the Tenebris Dominus invaded Earth, they brought death, pain, fear and an abundance of nightmares. 

They left behind a gaping wound in the earth, an abomination that emanates darkness like an unholy pus. This wound became known as The Scar. The dark pouring out of The Scar is spreading across the land, corrupting those it touches, turning them into creatures of the void and driving men and women alike insane. 

To combat the darkness coming from The Scar, the goddess Damascha created the hunters; holy weapons that contained powers beyond any regular human. With heightened senses and incredible strength and intelligence, the hunters were tasked with destroying the dark and cleansing the Earth. 

Now, in the city of Miganya, another hunter arises, ready to cleanse. 

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