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Dark Sun - Book one - Human yet Void
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Dark Sun - Book one - Human yet Void
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(Prequel) The Hunter's Soul

2. Children of the Abyss

3. The Second Scarring

Sharlo Tyne grew up as a normal child,  living a mundane life with his mother Marta. Little does Sharlo know, he is the rightful heir to the throne of Alathia and he possesses a unique soul that is part void and part human, giving him extraordinary powers and purple eyes. One day, Sharlo's mother falls deathly ill, as a result of the dark emanating from him. A family friend, Kailith Ratoh, takes Sharlo to visit some friendly elves, so that he might learn to control his void soul and heal his mother.

Maeve is an assassin. All she has known from birth was killing. Maeve has been given a new assignment, one more crucial than any she has received before, to kill the newly crowned king of the Twenty Islands, Darryn Talborne. When Maeve arrives at the Twenty Islands, she uncovers a web of corruption and deception, forcing her to consider what is truly important in her life.

Jaerdyn is a spy. Sent by the Alathian government, Jaerdyn joined an army of soldiers from the country of Walke, who are incapable of feeling pain. These soldiers are called the Laughing Dead and their goal is to control all of Walke and the lands beyond. Jaerdyn has moved up the ranks of the laughing dead and become the captain of a small company of men. Jaerdyn has been given new orders to move his troops to Alathia, where the laughing dead intend to spread chaos and destroy anything that might prevent them from total domination. Alongside a fellow spy named Kurne, Jaerdyn does all he can to thwart the laughing dead from within their ranks and protect Alathia. 

Around the world, evil is stirring. The dark is running rampant and wicked forces are joining together to plunge the world into the abyss. Enjoy reading the tale of a struggle between dark and light and the fight against the dark sun.

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