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In Love with the Enemy
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In Love with the Enemy
Clove <3
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By the time the Golden Trio returned to Hogwarts for their 7th year, things have changed. Slytherins kept mostly to themselves. Hufflepuffs had gained more respect. There's finally peace and the houses are equal. And un-surprisingly, Harry Potter had never been so famous. And for once, he's able to enjoy the fame and praise.


Draco Malfoy had also returned to Hogwarts, in terrible condition. His Father had turned abusive and cruel. His Mother became vulnerable and by now she was a hot mess. He had only one friend, but other then her, he was utterly alone, having to carry a secret on his back. A secret no one should have to carry.


Enjoy this Drarry fanfic filled with hugs and drugs, whispered lies and stolen kisses. A little story where no one knows who is in love with who.


TW;; This story contains mentions of abuse, drugs and suicide. If you are likely to be affected, please don't read. Just a heads up ^^

- your girl, Clove <3

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