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The Girl In The Mirror
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The Girl In The Mirror
Brandon Pichney
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Angie Miller was the ultimate queen bee at High Coast Middle School for two reasons: she was obviously the most stunning girl in school and she had her own posse of friends to run the school with. Their names were Melody, Sarah, and Abigail, who went by Abby. But, on the night of Halloween in ninth grade, Angie goes missing and her friends are left to fend for themselves for the rest of freshman year. Now, three years later, Angie is still missing and her friends have grown apart. 

But, Sarah has made a new friend: Claire. Claire and Sarah have risen to the title of queen bees over the past few years that Angie has been gone. But, when Angie's body is found and Claire starts to see disturbing things she can't explain, all that will change. 

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