The 3000s, Book 1: The Line Between Good and Evil | Penana
The 3000s, Book 1: The Line Between Good and Evil
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The 3000s, Book 1: The Line Between Good and Evil
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Welcome to 2988. 12 years before the new millennium, we follow 4 teenagers and watch them survive and conquer the world they live in. First off, Brooke Grenwell, a rebelistic girl who wants to change the world, for the better, obviously. Second, we have Gabriela Shanter, Brooke's childhood best friend who gets news when she is thirteen that will change her life forever. Thirdly, we have Xachsher Terramor, the youngest child of evil Queen Courtney who honestly just wants to be a good person. And Lastly, Brandon Landers. Son of the famous rebel leader Grace Landers and now part of a very underdeveloped war against the Terramors started by his brother. 

Character Quotes on this book. 

Raise a kid in prison, you get a rebel. ~Brooke Grenwell. 

Sometimes being a fashion lover CAN save your life. ~ Gabriela Shanter. 

All it takes for some people to have good morals, is to be raised to have none. ~ Xachsher Terramor. 

People make mistakes. Even legends, hell, especially legends. ~ Brandon Landers. 

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