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The Mortal Thinking
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The Mortal Thinking
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The Mortal Thinking 

What is thinking in literal means?

More Importantly Mortal Thinking?

This book going to be written in a draft and as rough way as possible so that all the chapters can link together easily. IF you ask how can a rough copy be completed as a narrative... Then to inform you this is not a narrative of a story this Narrative implies on the overall effect of life upon mortals(humans). Following this do no expect any Narrative ARC as in this narrative self linking and self involvement is needed to understand the basic structure of the book. This book also does not comes under a specific genre because it's by the "one who thought, was the one who wrote(is writing)"

Seemingly this book can consist of more that 100 chapters as many as possible to convey a rough sketch of life and the relation of mind, heart. soul, and thought. 

Read at you own opinion, as idc if you read this or not. Because the one's who know about this dont go complaining about it

The one's who know .

Lets just let them work in the shadows for now because if we invoke them they will shine the brightest light (a message)   

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