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Twilight Calamity: A New Twilight
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Twilight Calamity: A New Twilight
Twilight Calamity
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On a seemingly regular day and at one singular moment, a massive dark hole formed near our solar system. Nothing humanity could have done but watch their doomed fate. Even though the dark hole swallowed our entire solar system, all life on the planet survived. However, many new powerful and intelligent creatures appeared and now humans aren’t the dominant creatures on the planet anymore. For humans and all other weak creatures, an individual who used to be called the “Twilight Champion” appeared and protected them. Time passes and the same individual is now being called the Twilight “Calamity” instead of “Champion”. After that, the individual disappeared but left a letter for his one and only friend. So how did the dark hole appear? How did all life on the planet survive? And how did new ones come to existence? What’s the story of the twilight champion and why he’s now being called calamity? And what’s that letter that he left for his friend? And many more questions that would love to get answered.

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