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City of Souls: Artemis and Her Monsters
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City of Souls: Artemis and Her Monsters
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Do you believe in ghosts?

In Fall of 1989, a 14-year old girl named Echo O'Malley died in a bike accident in the woods of Omaha. When Echo wakes up as a ghost, she is stuck haunting her old house. No one who moves in stays.

In 2022, a 16-year-old girl named Artemis Madden-Walker leaves her bookstore to walk home through the fog. But something catches Artemis's eye. Artemis finds herself entering the most haunted house in Omaha. But she's not scared. Because unlike all of the people who've entered in the past, she can communicate with Echo. Together with her friends, Artemis must uncover the mystery of Echo's untimely death. After researching the death, the teens come to the shocking truth. Echo's death wasn't an accident. And the person who killed her...

Could come after them next...

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Total Reading Time: 6 minutes
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