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Who Knows...
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Who Knows...
Nina Dreams
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Maybe I'm different, Maybe I'm not
Maybe I'll question where I came from
Maybe I will not
Maybe you'll look at me like I've got two heads
Maybe I'll stop and stare for a moment with dread

Maybe I'll laugh or maybe I'll cry
Maybe I'll freeze and make no reply
Maybe I'll wish I was the same as you
Or maybe these statements are totally untrue

Maybe I'll grow up in a world so carefree
That negative jibes will mean nothing to me
Maybe just maybe people will understand pain
And realise that by bullying there is nothing to gain
Maybe the brave will turn the tide
And make way for brighter days
With me by their side

So, together let's accept that being different is cool
Don't be the bully, you look like a fool

Together let's be different
Show courage and strength
Acceptance is key to stay on this wavelength

Maybe I'm right or maybe I'm wrong
But one thing I know is together we belong

I have two mams
There's nothing to see
At least nothing but love and our family tree

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