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MONCAKE : 31V1 9314 (ENG)
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MONCAKE : 31V1 9314 (ENG)
WahyuMK's Writtings
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This title is part of Moncake's Prime Cases Batch 1


Detective Moncake's premiere cases contain a mystery with a short story and not too deep. For those who want a light story and a mystery that is not too deep, this article is highly recommended. Although it is classified as a short story, it is still written in detail, so that the search for clues and common threads is still clear.


Moncef Keymark, found a letter from a woman panicking and pacing around her shop, containing 31V1 9314. A letter containing strange things.


------------------------------------------------- WHO IS MONCAKE?------------------------------------------------

A man of random hair, a former police officer who is still used as a police dog, tracking criminal cases, Moncef Carmel Keymark lives up to his ideals.
Cake, Monkey, Keymark, or Moncake are better calls.
His sleepy eyes like a koala often lose their charm every time there is a case, but they are a magnet for women.
As a picky detective, that was reason enough to open a "Moncake" bakery in Cambridge. Basically, cooking is his hobby. When asked why the cake shop,
"Well, cakes are liked by a lot of young women. That's why as a cake maker, I like young women. A symbiotic mutualism," he said in a charmingly polished bass tone.

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