The Garbage Gladiator - a LITRPG Adventure | Penana
The Garbage Gladiator - a LITRPG Adventure
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The Garbage Gladiator - a LITRPG Adventure
R. E. Taylor
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With a dancing robot at his side, they will sweep the tournament circuit off their feet!

Jester St’Servo is a Scrapper, the derogatory name given to the Free to Play players of the robot fighting VRMMO RotorRager.

Poor, and without a robot of his own, Jester simply hangs around Geartown's Junkyard to see what he can salvage up. After all, virtual beer isn’t free. One day when searching the mounds of trash, he finds a veritable treasure. Enough to buy his own store and make some real money.

Too bad that fate has other plans.

Robbed by another player, and taken deeper into the Junkyards, it surprised Jester to discover a companion of his very own. Now all he has to do is complete some quests, to claim ownership of his new robot companion.

Then sell it to the highest bidder for starting capital.

However, with a robot dressed for serving drinks and equipped to dance over fight, he’s going to need some fair weather allies to help him through this.

Now if he could only figure out why its personality keeps changing?

Updates Saturdays AEST.

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Total Reading Time: 7 hours 15 minutes
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