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The Widow's Sword 3! (Choose Your Adventure Game)
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The Widow's Sword 3! (Choose Your Adventure Game)
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A widow named Rose holds the legendary sword of her deceased husband, once a master swordsman. He taught her everything he knew. You, a small orphan child named Arthur, stumble upon the widow and her sword. She decides to train you, and after months go by you finally become a master swordsman. Rose is proud of her young apprentice. But in your journey to save your mother, you were captured by King Kaizar and now you must find a way to escape. **Continue the story where the last writer left off! Note to writers: At the END of the chapter please create TWO choices. The next writer must choose to write about ONE of the TWO.** (Sequel to The Widow’s Sword 2!) (Special Thanks and the highest honor goes to: Zuleihat and Diana. Thank you both for your support!)

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