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The Reboot
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The Reboot
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Noah Hart and Theodore Garner could not be more different.

Their similarities start and end with their gradually-ending senior year at Woodside High School, a place where they walk the halls in a perfectly happy completely-ignoring-each-other manner.

As a half-Japanese trans kid living in Georgia, Noah has his own whirlwind of issues on the daily… and he certainly doesn’t need Theo and his “band of goons” adding to the mix.

Theo is eagerly awaiting a lacrosse scholarship at a college where he’s free from his predictably overwhelming parents.

But when the country is plunged into a sudden shut down due to a monstrous solar storm, their issues become very similar.

Despite how nauseating the idea is to both of them, Noah and Theo find themselves forced to cooperate in order to survive after stumbling into one another amidst an apocalyptic America… but the change in feelings was certainly not mandatory.

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