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Unmasked Heroes
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Unmasked Heroes
Maya Wrote
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Heroes aren’t born, they’re made

Like everyone else her age, Kourtney Woods struggles to balance: maintaining decent grades, having a social life, and getting enough sleep.

With one particular exception – Kourtney doesn’t have a social life – she has superpowers.


Five months ago, Kourtney Woods discovered she has unnatural abilities. A destructive combination of telepathy and teleportation, making her Skylight City’s newest Lighter member and the leader of her very own team of supers.

Unbeknown to the rest of her squad, Kourtney is her school’s infamous outcast.

This social standard inevitably creates unforeseen conflict amongst the team members – rivalries soon bloom within, and discord threatens to erupt.

However, when high profiled villains start raining down on Skylight City like wildfire, Kourtney’s team of high school supers are forced to put aside their differences and work together.

To save their home from a villain they never saw coming, they’ll need every bit of superpower they have.

This is The Rise Of Kidwolf.

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