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Imperial Zenith: The Twenty-One Regalia
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Imperial Zenith: The Twenty-One Regalia
Verdant Lore
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Wind and clouds bid the rising storm, raging seas flood the crimson dust. The four major clans of the capital city, each a titan in their realm. Wandering bards put the names of the four major clans of the Nap-Lan Empire into a simple poem, a poem which spread far and wide amongst the common folk. Here in Heaven’s Martial World, martial artists are the most important figures of all. That is because influence, status and wealth are all dependent on martial power. The four major clans are famous for their numerous powerful martial artists and possessed immense influence because of it as well.

Martial artists use their souls as a catalyst to draw in aether and generate soul energy. In combination with their martial soul, they can then unleash devastating martial techniques. These so-called martial souls can take on countless different forms, from swords and knives, to fire and water, beasts and insects and even abstract, formless shapes.

The inheritor of the Accident Makers was a young orphan who lost his parents at a young age. Fortunately, he was picked up by his adoptive father, who taught him everything he knew. The boy became proficient at creating accidents, but one day, an accident beyond his control finally occurred. He is now stranded in a foreign world. It is often said that the conclusion of a story is the beginning of a new one. Here in this world of martial arts, where life is worth little more than pennies, fate is as wild as it is unpredictable. The curtains draw and a monumental secret rises above the waters.

The path of the gods and the path of the demons, which is real and which is false? Where lies the end of the martial path? Rumours claim that one must gather the twenty-one Imperial Zenith regalias to ascend to the peak of martial might!

Justice may rest in the hearts of people, but it is power that decides everything!

Everything is now changing because of a young boy’s arrival in Heaven’s Martial World.

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