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Dialogue Story
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From one of the given prompts, I want you to write a short story using only dialogue. It's going to be difficult, I know, I know, but it's a really good challenge to stretch your writing creativity. I did this a while back, and I have to say, it can be fun at times. Here are the prompts:

1. you (and possibly someone else) are stuck in the elevator for hours

2. a "bad boy/girl" turns out to be the perfect student

3. library research reveals a secret about your school

4. your best friend starts wearing big, bold scarves everywhere

Weird prompts, right? Choose one and have fun with it! There should be two to three people involved, but I'm warning you, writing with only dialogue for a conversation between three people is really hard. Make sure to introduce them through dialogue. Check out The Chemistry of Feng Li Su (found on my profile) for some inspiration. I'm not going to give you a word limit, so get those creative juices flowing! Good luck!

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