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No One Loves Like Gaston
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No One Loves Like Gaston
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Ah yes, a man falling for a male furry creature, a tale as old as time. Wait, what?

In an alternate timeline, Gaston spots Maurice's horse before Belle does and decides to save Maurice to earn Belle's affection. He is so excited to do this that he forgets to bring weapons and, unable to win a fight against the Beast, he takes Maurice's place as the castle's prisoner.

The last thing he expected was for the Beast to have a kind and gentle side. After all, how could someone ever learn to love a beast, especially a man as intent on shielding his genuine emotions as Gaston?

Lumiere and Cogsworth bicker over the possibility of a relationship between Gaston and the Beast, becoming closer in the process. However, Lumiere keeps flirting with the feather duster, and Cogsworth is adamant that no relationship between two men could work.

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Total Reading Time: 59 minutes
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