Đø ɪ ĸɴøw ʏøʋ?|⛓ŃøʀĔɱmα⛓ | Penana
Đø ɪ ĸɴøw ʏøʋ?|⛓ŃøʀĔɱmα⛓
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Đø ɪ ĸɴøw ʏøʋ?|⛓ŃøʀĔɱmα⛓
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No hentai because i find emma and norman to be very innocent bean children

After Emma and Norman think they recognize each other randomly one day, they become good friends. The one problem with that: Norman's girlfriend, Olive. Olive would not be angry if you called her a yandere. She was very protective. About a week after Norman and Emma meet, Olive commits suicide, claiming that Emma is a better choice. One day a few weeks after the event, Norman and Emma run into each other. It was a bad idea. Norman confesses that he hates Emma and thinks of her as a murderer, since he isn't in his right mind.
A few days later, Ace (Norman's sister Jade's boyfriend) watches as um yeah suicide attempt and falling out of a window. Norman hits his head hard and loses all memory. (lul)
Along the way, they catch feelings for each other and ya know confess and that crap then like dating-
Jade and Ace decide to leave the town they all knew, forcing Norman to leave Emma.
When he's in the new place, he meets a girl named Heather, who has short black hair, hazel eyes, natural blush, and a passion for music.
Does Heather live up to her name, or does Norman keep the promise he made with Emma?

:lipbite: i have a hard time with my friends writers block and insomnia, but i cant just not be friends with them...

woud you consider this fluff or angst? I say angst-

⚠IMPORTANT THINGS⚠ (i mean i think)
Characters are aged up because im not writing abt 11yos💀
No demons AU

Minor language

Śŧαʀŧεđ: 3/30/2022
ʄɪɴɪsʜεđ: 5/30/2022
(Two exact months-?)

• NorEmma
• RayAnna
• Gilda x Don (i forgor the nameee)
• Ray x Camera?? (Jade brings it up a few times)

{\_/} ◄ありがとうございました 読むために! 
( ^^)                                   (Thanks for reading!)

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