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The Non-Canon Gironashi
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The Non-Canon Gironashi
The Yobanashi Girouette
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Another blog? Really? So, what’s the point of this one?

I’m so glad you asked(?)

Basically, my main blog is intended to be something I post in between projects as part of keeping up my weekly release cycle; in other words, I still hold them to a certain degree of writing standard, and try to make them about neutral, writing-based topics.

But what about the other stuff? The music/lyrics recommendations? The opinion pieces? The “about me”s? The memes?

That’s where this comes in. This is where I'll release all the not-particularly professional things I wanna post about. Thus, these won’t count towards my weekly posting goal, and will follow the completely irregular schedule of “approximately whenever I feel like it”.

[Trigger warning]: Pretty much everything is fair game here. I try to keep my non-writing related opinions outta my main presence, so this is where you’ll find anything like that, which may include any number of triggering topics. Fortunately, I also recognize opinions are pretty boring. As my uncle Basil said, “opinions are like buttholes; everyone has one, and nobody wants to hear about yours”. In light of that, I’ll try to limit it to those opinions of mine that I consider unique, or at least uncommon. I would say though, if you are the sort of person that generally does check trigger warnings before reading, I kindly advise you to check out my more professional blog instead. :)

If for some reason that didn’t make you close right outta this blog already, welcome to The Non-Canon Gironashi, enjoy your stay (^-^)d

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